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Sports, It's more than a Game. Practice. Commitment. It's a way of Life

Elite Sports Events is where athletes come to perform, to compete, to win! When players get to play in a competitive environment and challenge their skill, magic happens.  Lessons are learned and personal growth occurs as they rise with the thrill of victory or fall with the agony of defeat. 

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Elite Sports Events is more than a place where high performers come to play.

We are dedicated to excellence for each of our events. Our professional approach to running and managing youth sports events benefits the players, coaches, managers and families that attend each of our competitions. 

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Frequently Ask Questions

No only if you are making changes, then only the changes need to be made.

Yes 3 or more teams get you $50 per team.

Yes ALL of our officials are state FHSAA certified referees.

All teams will play no less than 3 games at any event we have. 

We allow 3 coaches per team, All others will have to pay to enter.

Yes, we have off duty Police officers at our events and some events have uniformed officers.

We ask all parents to wear a mask. Some venues will require temperatures taken at the door.

Yes, all teams that are traveling 80 or more miles are asked to stay at one of our pre-determined hotels.

Yes we have an account with Baller TV all games will be streamed.