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At Elite Sports Events we love what we do. We produce exceptional events that create memorable experiences. We know that details matter to athletes because we are athletes. Competitiveness pushes us to be our best and we empower our team and participants to be their best.

When you’ve battled for every point. When you’ve made every grinding practice count. When you’ve believed in every single man around you and dug deep into the reserves of your soul, you can look each other in the eye and know if the championship was taken, it was not without a fight.

Elite Sports Events is more than a place where high performers come to play
We are dedicated to supporting the growth and development of all student-athletes through our partnerships with various organizations and product brands.

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“Our basketball tournament was executed without a single hitch. The players, coaches and parents were very happy to have participated.”

Jacob Fillips

“Our team was honored to be invited to play in your tournament. The kids will remember it forever. We are the champions!”

Margarite Smith

“As an adult, it is sometimes difficult to find opportunities to continue in team sports. My buddies and I are grateful to have found Elite Sports Events here in Florida. We’re ready to play and look forward to the next open tournament.”

Robert Clark

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