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At Elite Sports Events we love what we do. We produce exceptional events that create memorable experiences. We know that details matter to athletes because we are athletes. Competitiveness pushes us to be our best and we empower our team and participants to be their best.

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The will to win.

We’re out there. 

The ones who push you. 

Then try to push past you. 


Getting up before the alarm and out sweating. Dark or rain. We give our best to get the best from you. 


Scoring against us tastes sweeter. Fighting us makes you fiercer. We’re not the many. But the few close enough to get under your skin. And that’s exactly why we take you further. 


Move with us or against us. 

But together we make it count.

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AAU Sanctioned

Elite Sports Events is more than a place where high performers come to play

We are dedicated to supporting the growth and development of all student athletes through our partnership with Florida AAU.

Be Unstoppable

When you’ve battled for every point. When you’ve made every grinding practice count. When you’ve believed in every single man around you and dug deep into the reserves of your soul, you can look each other in the eye and know if the championship was taken, it was not without a fight.